'F*** Christchurch': Blink-182 rips on city after cancelled show

Blink-182 bassist and vocalist Mark Hoppus has been filmed saying “F*** Christchurch” at a concert in Melbourne after the US band cancelled their highly anticipated concert in the Garden City, just two weeks before the gig was meant to take place.

A video uploaded to TikTok shows Hoppus ripping on Christchurch saying: “To be honest Sydney sucked so f****ng bad we had to cancel Christchurch... f*** Christchurch.”

“It’s a gnarly name for a town could you imagine naming your city that? If I were god.” Hoppus said.

The video was filmed at the pop-punk band’s Melbourne leg of their tour earlier this week - and ahead of Saturday’s show in Auckland.

Christchurch city councillor Andrei Moore said on social media: “Disappointing to learn of Blink-182 saying “f*** Christchurch” on stage in Melbourne after cancelling their sold-out show that many Christchurch folk and visitors bought tickets for 18 months in advance.”

“We’ve been through more than our fair share of challenges over the years which have led to many concert cancellations but I can’t ever recall any of them being followed up with an attitude as bad as this one,” Moore said.

Blink-182 cancelled their Christchurch gig two weeks out from date. Photo: Getty Images
Blink-182 cancelled their Christchurch gig two weeks out from date. Photo: Getty Images
It comes after Blink-182 announced last week they were cancelling their upcoming Christchurch show, just two weeks ahead of the event taking place.

The show, which was scheduled for March 4 at WolfBrook Arena, was cancelled with ticketholders and fans emailed announcing the news.

“Unfortunately, the Blink-182 Christchurch performance has been cancelled due to unanticipated logistical issues outside of the band’s control,” the statement read.

“Event organisers join the band and fans in being very disappointed and regret any inconvenience that this cancellation has caused."

The punk band, known for hit songs All The Small Things and I Miss You, announced their reunion tour to New Zealand in 2022.

Blink-182′s concert at Auckland’s Spark Arena will still go ahead on Saturday.

The band’s New Zealand leg of their reunion tour was first announced in 2022.

Before the cancellation, Blink-182′s supporting act, rock band Rise Against, announced their own headline show on March 4 at Christchurch’s Town Hall.

By Pierre Nixon