Neighbouring Christchurch homes sold at same time

A four-bedroom, two-bathroom home on Timara Cres sold for $1.43m at auction. Photo: Supplied
A four-bedroom, two-bathroom home on Timara Cres sold for $1.43m at auction. Photo: Supplied
Three neighbouring Christchurch homes have been sold at the same time for a combined total of $3.17 million.

It was no coincidence the owners of three properties in Prestons Park decided to auction their houses off at exactly the same time.

The new builds on Timara Cres were deliberately launched for sale on the same day and sold at the same auction on Thursday by the same real estate agent, OneRoof reported.

One of the homes was bought by an Auckland woman. She told OneRoof she is planning to move to the South Island.

The other two homes sold were purchased by locals.

The listing agent, Harcourts' Andrew Steel, told OneRoof he had brought the three properties to auction on the same day in the hope of attracting more buyers.

His colleague Jonny Nicholls also listed a slightly larger lived-in property a few doors down and ran his marketing campaign over the same three-week period.

Seven bidders turned up at Harcourts Grenadier’s auction room on Thursday, OneRoof reported.

Steel has already sold about 20 properties in the subdivision, including five houses on Timara Cres.

The first home to sell under the hammer was a three-bedroom property with lake views. It was picked up by the Auckland buyer for $1.32m after strong competition from two other eager bidders, OneRoof reported.

The four-bedroom, two-bathroom home a few doors down was bought by a local family for $1.0175m after just two bids.

Bidding on Nicholls' listing, a large four-bedroom home on the other side of the street, opened at $1.2m, with three locals competing to secure the home. The winning bid was $1.432m, OneRoof reported.

Nicholls believed the sale price was the highest for the street.

A fourth property on the same street failed to meet the reserve at Thursday's auction and now has an asking price of $1.249m, OneRoof reported.