Lincoln road safety campaign calls for flashing lights at rural intersections

Lincoln firefighters have teamed up with local community groups to highlight the high number of avoidable crashes in the Selwyn district. 

The Lincoln Volunteer Fire Brigade has produced a video to shine a spotlight on some of the crashes it has attended and what firefighters face at the scene.

The safety campaign is being run with the Selwyn Community Patrol and Lincoln Voice, which advocates for social, economic and environmental issues, for Road Safety Week New Zealand from May 20-26.

"With the imminent increase in Lincoln township to double the population that we now have, the upgrading of the roads and safety around the stop junctions should be a priority for Selwyn District Council," a Lincoln Voice spokesperson said.

The group is urging people to sign a petition calling for all stop sign intersections in the district to have flashing lights.

"These have been proven to reduce crashes significantly and will save lives. It would also help us if you could share the petition to your friends, family and colleagues. We need as many signatures as possible to back up our submission to the council."

Brigade members also recommend motorists "get in the habit of driving with your lights on, no matter the conditions and, if conditions are less than favourable, slow down".

"The speed limit is not a target. Like us, Lincoln Voice and Selwyn Community Patrol are on a crusade to make our roads safer and they asked if we could share in a video how many incidents we've been to, how we cope with what we've seen and actions we need to take.

"Let's get these numbers down, so we can all get home to our families without a scratch."