'The guy expected me to pay. Over $500!': Woman forced to foot dinner date bill

A woman who shares her dating experiences on TikTok has opened up about a bad date where a man left her to foot the $500 (NZ$540) bill.

Australian Annie Knight, who works creating adult content and divides her time between Melbourne and the Gold Coast, revealed she had been speaking to a man on a dating app for about a week before deciding to meet up for a dinner date.

Knight rated the date a 7 out of 10 at first, as the pair drank some cocktails and split a bottle of wine and a meal.

But after going to the bathroom, she returned to the table to find the bill sitting on the table.

She kept speaking with the man, when the waitress approached and asked them who was going to pay for the meal.

“The guy expected me to pay. Over $500! Obviously I paid but it felt really ick. Like he just had that expectation because he saw how much my income is,” she said.

She had no problem going halves on the bill, she said, and didn’t expect the man to pay for everything - but had expected him to at least offer.

Earlier this year, Knight revealed she makes the staggering sum of $150,000 ($162,000) each month, because of her line of work.

But her negative date experience left several of her viewers frustrated, as they pointed out what she earns each month and that footing the $500 bill would barely dent her income.

She told news.com.au, “I think the people commenting haven’t watched the full video as I stated in the video that I’d be happy to go 50/50, I didn’t expect him to pay for the whole thing so I don’t think it’s fair he expected me to pay for it all.

“For those saying I should pay because I earn millions of dollars a year, I think that has nothing to do with it,” she continued.

“It’s simply a respect thing – he should respect and value my time and therefore be at least willing to split the bill.”