Low hanging cloud, fog disrupts flights

Wellington Airport says at least 24 flights have been disrupted by low hanging cloud so far today.

Air New Zealand, Sounds Air and Golden Bay Air have cancelled several regional flights, including at least one from Timaru, today.

Other flights have been delayed or diverted, including some flights from Christchurch to Wellington.

It is the third day in a row there has been disruption at Wellington Airport.

On Sunday, 35 flights were cancelled after a low fog rolled in.

The disruptions continued on Monday with the weather leaving a number of Air New Zealand aircraft out of place.

Several flights were cancelled and passengers rebooked or credited.

Air New Zealand confirmed today that it had again cancelled several flights into and out of Wellington due to low-lying cloud.

Air NZ chief operational integrity and safety officer Captain David Morgan said Airways was currently upgrading its instrument landing system "which is the system that provides guidance for our pilots on their approach to land. Due to the upgrade of this system, low cloud is disrupting flights on our Q300 and ATR aircraft more than usual".

MetService said visibility at the airport Tuesday morning was up to 13km.

The forecaster said the low cloud was expected to gradually dissipate throughout the day and be clear by evening.

Wellington Airport Arrivals

Gisborne07:4513:45flight-icon-NZ.pngAir New ZealandNZ85079Now Arrives at 13:45
New Plymouth07:5513:55flight-icon-NZ.pngAir New ZealandNZ8791  
Blenheim08:0014:15flight-icon-NZ.pngAir New ZealandNZ872012Now Arrives at 14:15
Nelson10:4514:40flight-icon-NZ.pngAir New ZealandNZ830611Now Arrives at 14:40
New Plymouth11:2014:25flight-icon-NZ.pngAir New ZealandNZ87937Now Arrives at 14:25
Hamilton11:5514:04flight-icon-NZ.pngAir New ZealandNZ581718Now Arrives at 14:07
Tauranga12:1515:20flight-icon-NZ.pngAir New ZealandNZ525510Now Arrives at 15:20
Timaru12:3012:30flight-icon-NZ.pngAir New ZealandNZ8192 Cancelled
Nelson12:3012:30flight-icon-OG.pngOriginairOG51320All bags on belt 2
Queenstown12:4513:00flight-icon-NZ.pngAir New ZealandNZ60015Now Arrives at 12:55
Christchurch12:5513:39flight-icon-NZ.pngAir New ZealandNZ32613Diverted
Sydney13:1012:56flight-icon-NZ.pngAir New Zealand (INTL)NZ24045 
Palmerston Nth13:1013:10flight-icon-NZ.pngAir New ZealandNZ8872  
Auckland13:1013:43flight-icon-NZ.pngAir New ZealandNZ42517Now Arrives at 13:49
Melbourne13:3513:31flight-icon-QF.pngQantas (INTL)QF17148 
Nelson14:0514:05flight-icon-NZ.pngAir New ZealandNZ831410 
Auckland14:2014:40flight-icon-NZ.pngAir New ZealandNZ42916Now Arrives at 14:40
Blenheim14:3014:30flight-icon-S8.pngSounds AirS82683 
Melbourne14:4514:23flight-icon-NZ.pngAir New Zealand (INTL)NZ25247 
Brisbane14:5014:36flight-icon-NZ.pngAir New Zealand (INTL)NZ27246 
Sydney14:5514:55flight-icon-QF.pngQantas (INTL)QF16149 
Christchurch14:5515:10flight-icon-NZ.pngAir New ZealandNZ36015Now Arrives at 15:10
Tauranga15:0515:05flight-icon-NZ.pngAir New ZealandNZ8259 Cancelled
Auckland15:1015:40flight-icon-NZ.pngAir New ZealandNZ43313Now Arrives at 15:40
Brisbane15:2515:03flight-icon-QF.pngQantas (INTL)QF35548 
Nelson15:2515:25flight-icon-NZ.pngAir New ZealandNZ8312 Cancelled
Hamilton15:3015:30flight-icon-NZ.pngAir New ZealandNZ5819 Cancelled
Napier16:0016:00flight-icon-NZ.pngAir New ZealandNZ8893 Cancelled

Wellington Airport Departures


Last updated: 0 minutes ago
Auckland01:1013:10flight-icon-JQ.pngJetstarJQ258 Indefinite Delay
Nelson12:0014:05flight-icon-NZ.pngAir New ZealandNZ83239Now Departs at 14:05
Auckland12:0512:55flight-icon-JQ.pngJetstarJQ25822Go to Gate Lounge
Hamilton12:3012:30flight-icon-NZ.pngAir New ZealandNZ5812 Cancelled
Christchurch12:3513:30flight-icon-NZ.pngAir New ZealandNZ353  
Auckland12:4513:00flight-icon-NZ.pngAir New ZealandNZ428 Cancelled
Blenheim12:5013:45flight-icon-NZ.pngAir New ZealandNZ8731 Cancelled
Blenheim13:0013:00flight-icon-S8.pngSounds AirS82693Delayed
Nelson13:0017:30flight-icon-OG.pngOriginairOG51420Delayed Until 17:30
Nelson13:0513:05flight-icon-NZ.pngAir New ZealandNZ8309 Cancelled
Auckland13:1013:10flight-icon-JQ.pngJetstarJQ258 Indefinite Delay
Napier13:3013:30flight-icon-NZ.pngAir New ZealandNZ8890 Cancelled