Screw in the porridge

Peacehaven resident William Kerr, 92, was not impressed to find a wayward screw in his morning...
Peacehaven resident William Kerr, 92, was not impressed to find a wayward screw in his morning bowl of porridge. PHOTO: TONI MCDONALD
A loose screw is never a good thing — especially when you find one in your morning bowl of porridge.

Peacehaven, Southland, resident William Kerr was about to tuck into his breakfast of rolled oats when he got a bit more than expected — a 14mm screw bathed in milk and porridgy goop.

He habitually soaked his oats for about 30 minutes before cooking them in the microwave.

The absence of sparks in the microwave did not alert him to the screw.

"When I went to eat it, I saw this bloody thing in it, and when I pulled it out, it was a screw.

"I wondered how the hell it got there because it didn’t get there out of my place."

Apart from adding a little bit of salt and a cut up banana to his brew, Mr Kerr said there was no other way for the screw to make into his bowl.

"I don’t have anything like that in the house nowadays.

"It had to come from the bag — the bag was sealed when I got it and it must’ve been in the bag."

The 92 year-old had been eating porridge for breakfast for the past six years but he credited his senior years to hard work, rather than healthy food choices.

The foreign object had made him think twice about buying the same brand during his next trip to the supermarket.

A Foodstuffs spokesperson said the company’s Own Brands team was working with its supply partners to carry out a thorough investigation into the situation.

"We take food safety very seriously and have strict processes in place to ensure we maintain the highest standards for our Pams products.

"Our interim findings indicate there is no wider risk to consumers," the spokesperson said.

Mr Kerr was pleased the company was investigating the matter to prevent it happening again because it could break or chip a tooth if someone put it in their mouth.

"It must’ve come from somewhere in their factory, I’m sure of it."

The spokesperson encouraged Mr Kerr to reach out to its customer services team so they could reimburse him for his purchase and give an opportunity to share any additional information to support its investigation.

 - By Toni McDonald