Popular ukulele group wows the locals

The Darfield Ukulele Group, or 'Dugs' as they like to be known, have staged a free concert at their local library, to help celebrate New Zealand music month.

The humble ukulele is the toddler of stringed instruments, with the players keen to show off its distinctive sound for the town's music lovers.

The Darfield group was formed in 2018, quickly growing to twenty members.

Group leader Adele Langlands has been teaching music for more than 25 years.

"We talked about having a group, making it more community style rather than just one-on-one tuition. So we decided we'll give ukulele a go, and [it was] amazing."

She said it was all about people just having fun.

"There's all sorts of variety of backgrounds. Some of them have played classical music, the piano, cellist or whatever, and others have never touched an instrument before. But it's the type of instrument you can learn quite quickly and join in. Even if you can't play it perfectly it doesn't matter."

Inspiring the next generation of 'ukulelists'. Photo: Geoff Sloan
Inspiring the next generation of 'ukulelists'. Photo: Geoff Sloan
One player reckons the ukulele is one of the easiest instruments to learn.

"I've tried the guitar, but I just can't get the six strings. Four strings is so much easier."

The community-friendly instrument is gaining in popularity, with more and more groups popping up.

The Dugs group say they're planning more public outings to help inspire the next generation of 'ukulelists'.

 - By Geoff Sloan