Intercepted calls heard in toddler murder trial

Police intercepted phone calls between a toddler's mother and Joel Loffley, the man accused of the murdering the child.

Women charged after Rotorua attack

Two Rotorua women have been arrested and charged after a man was allegedly tied up, gagged and robbed.

Fletcher Construction admits health and safety breach

Fletcher Construction could be fined up to $250,000 after admitting a health and safety breach.

Rugby: ABs doing extra scrum homework

Rugby: ABs doing extra scrum homework

Scrummaging became the All Blacks bete noir on their last visit to Europe in 2010 and might again be a problem area given New Zealand's lack of exposure to the new engagement procedure.

Crash truck cargo not radioactive; driver still missing

Crash truck cargo not radioactive; driver still missing

A truck that plunged into a central North Island stream this morning was not carrying any radioactive substances, according to the Fire Service, but its driver is still missing.

Second teen charged over Auckland murder

A second teenager has been charged with murder in relation to the death of south Auckland man Tamati Tupe.

Key denies Beckham remark in Parliament

Key denies Beckham remark in Parliament

Prime Minister John Key denied in Parliament yesterday that he had said British football star David Beckham was "as thick as batsh*t".

Gay marriage bill's foes 'in denial'

The sponsor of a bill to legalise same-sex weddings says marriage is an evolving institution, and many opponents of a law change were in denial about the fact that homosexuals had held equal rights in New Zealand for 27 years.

Dotcom spy investigators get nod from target's sister agency

Police investigating illegal spying on Kim Dotcom by the GCSB have received security clearances to conduct their inquiries - from the other spy agency which reports to the Prime Minister.

US continuity will please Beehive

Although it would not be politic for it to say so publicly, the Beehive will be quietly pleased Barack Obama has won the US presidential election.

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