On the beat

Trouble in Queenstown

A 29-year-old Frenchman was caught urinating in Shotover St in Queenstown at 9.46pm on Tuesday, police said.

Group of males cause unrest in town

CCTV footage of a group of males causing unrest in Queenstown on Monday morning is being investigated by Queenstown police.

Local man breaks bail

A Queenstown man was arrested at 12am on Sunday for allegedly breaching his bail conditions. Constable Dan Andrew said the man was arrested at his home but had breached his curfew and had been drinking alcohol.

Drunken Australian arrested

• A 29-year-old Australian man was arrested because of his behaviour at a Queenstown holiday park at 3.20am on Wednesday. Sergeant Derek Ealson said the man was highly intoxicated and received a pre-charge warning.

Inquiries continue on a number of crimes

At 8.30am on Sunday, tagging was reported at 44 McMillan Rd. Senior Constable Chris Blackford said it was the same style of tagging as some at a nearby playground. Inquiries are continuing.

Justice on a one-way street

• After many reports of motorists driving the wrong way up a one-way street outside a Queenstown daycare centre, Queenstown police are regularly patrolling the street.

Acting Sergeant Phil Hamlin said Henry St was one-way and signposted as such but people were choosing to access Ballarat St by driving the wrong way.

Man found after reported missing on track

A Queenstown police search and rescue operation was launched on Monday night when a 58-year-old Christchurch man was reported missing on Arrowtown's Macetown track.

Australians cause trouble in Queenstown

• At 9.30am on Tuesday a 29-year-old Australian journalist was arrested for using a day ski pass not belonging to him. He was made to buy a day ski pass, which he was not allowed to use, and banned from NZSki fields for two years, as was the person whose pass he used. He was flying home on Wednesday so was dealt with in court later that day and received diversion.

"Punched in the face for trying to be a good citizen"

A 19-year-old Dunedin man was arrested after allegedly assaulting a member of the public who tried to wake him after he was found asleep on the ground outside a restaurant at 9.37pm on Friday.

Woman caught in relation to a theft

• At 3pm on Tuesday, a 27-year-old Argentinian woman was dealt with in relation to a theft from a dwelling. Senior Constable Chris Blackford said because of circumstances he could not reveal, she was given a caution.

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