Chess pawn bollards stand guard at Hornby Hub to stop ram-raiders

Following a ram-raid earlier this year, pawn-shaped bollards have been installed at the Hub,...
Following a ram-raid earlier this year, pawn-shaped bollards have been installed at the Hub, blocking the entrance from future attempts. PHOTO: FACEBOOK
Giant chessboard pawns now guard the entrance to the Hub Hornby.

Jason Marsden.
Jason Marsden.
The pawn-shaped bollards were installed at the main entrance following a ram-raid earlier this year. 

After looking at options for traditional bollards, Hub Hornby senior centre manager Jason Marsden said there are a lot of options but not many are "actually capable of stopping a vehicle at speed".

"Most are more visual markers to delineate pedestrian and vehicle spaces," said Marsden.

"Those that are capable of stopping a vehicle require major below-ground installation works, which adds a huge amount of cost and, once installed, it really cannot be relocated.”

Marsden set about looking for mass-based, above-ground options.

"Whilst there were some available in New Zealand, typically they were on the small side and I was sceptical about their ability to stop a vehicle travelling at speed, which could potentially just push them aside rendering them useless,” he said.

Marsden settled on the shape - based on a chess pawn - and went through many iterations, looking at proportions, base size and height, and the size of the top sphere, while also considering the centre of mass and stability.

"The Hub has a culture of innovation, so I set about designing something that would meet our requirements.

"The target weight was 1.5 (tonne) and would require lifting points to be able to be easily placed and relocated,” said Marsden.

"Further, something that would be pedestrian and trolley-friendly without corners or sharp edges.

"Once I was happy with the design, I then had to locate a company that could produce them."

After an extensive search, the perfect company was located just down the road in Rolleston.

Said Marsden: "Cancast had the skills and knowledge to produce the mould, design the required internal reinforcing to incorporate the single top lifting bolt, and successfully cast the bollards to a very high standard of finish.

"We are very happy with the result and have received a lot of positive feedback."