Yoga enthusiasts line New Brighton beach at dawn

A yoga teacher with a specialist interest in women's health and hormones has turned a Christchurch beach into a temporary sunrise yoga studio.

About 100 people lined New Brighton beach from 6.30am on Sunday for Sunrise Yoga with Posh Porridge - and a swim.

The Sunrise Yoga Club was started by Jess, a mum of three young girls and two stepchildren who runs the online yoga studio She Blooms.

She started the free beach classes at Sumner and New Brighton to help people and offer something different.

About 100 people turned out for a sunrise yoga session at New Brighton beach from 6.30am on...
About 100 people turned out for a sunrise yoga session at New Brighton beach from 6.30am on Sunday. Photo: Juliet Dickson
The group "take in the sunrise" while they practice yoga, she said.

"(We) finish off with an optional dip in the ocean, taking time to connect with the community."

Following the 30-minute class, they meet up for a porridge breakfast.

Photo: Juliet Dickson
Photo: Juliet Dickson
Said Jess: "You'll also find me teaching a community sunrise yoga class every second week here in Christchurch, these are such special events that have taken on a life of their own.

"We move between New Brighton and Sumner beach, depending on tides, do a 30-minute flow and then a dip in the water.

"Sometimes we even have fabulous people come along and make food and coffee so we can chat and connect on the beach."

After going through her share of ups and downs with mental health and hormonal imbalance, Jess aims to help others in the community.

"Having endometriosis since my teenage years and post-natal depression after my second child, it's needless to say that yoga, mindfulness and horse riding has been an unwavering friend and tool through it all."

When she's not at the beach, Jess can be found at her little studio for women. For more information, visit or Facebook.