Building a photography community in Christchurch

Christchurch photographers are being given the chance to book time in a professional studio and meet other local artists in the community.

Charitable trust Photosynthesis has set up the studio space in the central city to help artists and photographers create and connect with each other.

It also runs a photobook club, one-on-one studio sessions, project presentation nights, and low-cost studio hire for members of the local photography community.

Photosynthesis co-founder Kieran Haymes said there needs to be more affordable studios in the city.

"A lot of people that we've spoken to have talked about going to Auckland or Wellington because they don't think the community is here.

"So (we're) really trying to have that sense of community that people can share and get something out of and have a sense of belonging. That's really important".

Christchurch street photographer Spike has attended a few different sessions and is pleased the community is starting to build at Photosynthesis.

"It's difficult to break into a new group of people to be accepted into a new part of the city and I think something like Photosynthesis does a great job of bringing together people from all different facets of life".

Photo: Supplied
Photo: Supplied
He said that has helped him grow in his craft and connect with new people.

Haymes said amateur photographers don't need to worry about hiring a space and volunteers are on hand to teach them how to use the studio.  

He encourages artists and photographers of all ages, interests and experiences to attend a session to gain feedback and inspiration from other creative people in the community.

To book a time, visit

- By Emily O'Hagan, made with the support of NZ On Air