Christchurch designers put bizarre bras on show

Gisella Carr
Gisella Carr
Garments designed by three Christchurch artists are on show in the bizarre bra section at the World of WearableArt Exhibition.

Mark Crocker’s Hands Off and Grinder Bra designs, Sebastian Denize’s Re-Decked design and Claire Third’s Epicentre Divas design all feature at the exhibition in Nelson.

The exhibition showcases more than 50 garments by 53 designers from 11 countries.

The garments were seen on stage in Wellington by about 60,000 people at the World of WearableArt show in September and October.

Said World of WearableArt chief executive Gisella Carr: “As is the case every year, this year’s competition attracted designers from all walks of life and from across the world, ranging from fashion designers and artists who sit alongside first-time entrants who do not have a traditional design experience but have an extraordinary idea and the ability to execute it beautifully.”

The World of WearableArt Exhibition includes the 2019 supreme award winner, The Lady Warrior, by Indonesian designer Rinaldy Yunardi, and the winner of the Dame Suzie Moncrieff award, Waka Huia, by New Zealand designer Kayla Christensen.