Lyttelton seniors getting stronger

Lyttelton seniors are putting in the work to keep themselves fit and healthy.

Every Tuesday a group of residents attend a strength and balance fitness class, designed especially for the older generation.

They are run by fitness instructor Linzi Russell, who believes members take away many benefits from the weekly classes.

"They're working on their heart and their lungs, their bones are getting stronger, their muscles are getting stronger ... also when you do fitness it creates chemicals to your brain which makes you a lot more happier and positive."

The classes are held at the Lyttelton Recreation Centre, with the fee of $3 each time making it accessible to the community.

Strength and Balance Class members. Photo: Supplied
Strength and Balance Class members. Photo: Supplied
Russell said the sessions are also a way for members to make new friends and socialise. 

Sal Cameron attends the class.

"My own mental health, I suppose and just keeping in contact with different people that I wouldn't necessarily see on a day to day basis and also doing exercises and having a laugh and a cup of tea," Cameron said.

And Russell has noticed an improvement in many of the seniors.

"I can see that they're stronger, that they're healthier, they're fitter and they're happier and, yeah, I would love to see a lot more classes like this around in Christchurch."

She is keen to provide a supportive environment, encouraging people to work at their own pace and rest when they need to.

Cameron said the class has a gentle and friendly feel about it.

Russell's always keen to see new seniors join the group.

- By Emily O'Hagan, made with the support of NZ On Air