Canterbury skate park users 'upset' over age limit

A new sign outlining the rules at the Westview Reserve Skate Park states “its use is for...
A new sign outlining the rules at the Westview Reserve Skate Park states “its use is for competent users aged 8+”. Photo: Supplied
Parents and caregivers have questioned why an age restriction has been placed on a Darfield skate park.

The new sign at the Westview Reserve Skate Park, which opened in July, states children under-8 should not use it.

People shared their concerns over the rule on the Darfield community Facebook page.

One wrote: “8 years+? My boys will be so upset we are there nearly every weekend and days after school. They’re 4 and 5.”

Another said: “I’ve always taken the grandies there and have found the majority of older ones are only too willing to teach them a thing or two.”

There has been no incidents at the skate park involving children under-8. District council head of capital works Kamal Narang said the sign is a health and safety measure to minimise risks.

Narang said the same sign has been placed at 14 skate parks, BMX, and pump tracks across the district. 

He said the recommended competency age at the Westview skate park is 8-years-old, which reflected the skill level it was built for.

“The (sign) is there to give users a guide. We recognise that not every child is at the same skill level at the same age. The age level guide is a support to help responsible adults make an assessment to help any children under their care stay safe.”

Westview Reserve Skate Park. Photo: Supplied
Westview Reserve Skate Park. Photo: Supplied
Malvern Community Board member Sharn Nu’u wants more consistent signs at district facilities.

She brought the issue up at the board meeting.

“The wording is very different at the swimming pool; it requires supervision for children under-8. 

“I said maybe if we had that sort of wording as opposed to no one under-8 allowed, then that might be perceived a bit better and the (board) accepted that.”

The board agreed to communicate the need for consistent rules on signs with district councillors in the future.