Parking tickets prompt call for leniency

Photo: File image
Photo: File image
A major sports club wants more leniency for parking at the Selwyn district’s largest park.

Rolleston Rugby Club president Nicky Ruki said many people are continuing to be stung with a $40 fine when parking at Foster Park.

She said the fines are mostly for parking on grass verges, due to a lack of parking.

“From what I understand it’s just people parking on the grass across from the rugby club (Dynes Rd).

“I got ticked a few months ago and tried to argue it but they said ‘no, you were parked incorrectly’,” Ruki said.

In August, the council changed its approach to parking and started to fine people. From September 1 to February 28, the council issued 1120 infringements and 534 warnings.

Council head of regulatory Susan Atherton said the feedback received by the council shows the move has been welcomed.

“The feedback received by council’s parking safety team has been largely positive and supportive from many people across the community.

"People have welcomed us following up on their concerns, especially around inconsiderate parking around sports facilities, footpaths, educational centres, and the use of mobility spaces by non-permit/badge holders.”

In September, Selwyn Times revealed bad parking was the number one complaint for people in the district.

Between August 2022 and the end of July last year, the council received 1464 complaints of which 844 were vehicle-related complaints including parking.

Nicky Ruki.
Nicky Ruki.
Ruki said the club has asked the council for more leniency during busy periods like Saturday mornings when multiple sports are on at once.

“There is car parking at the sports centre, swimming pool and down the road where football is. However, when you’ve got netball, hockey, soccer and rugby (playing on Saturday), there just isn’t enough parking.

“I think there does need to be some leniency because it is busy,” she said, adding the council had suggested parking further away.

Ruki said she has put out warnings to club members about where not to park, but people from outside Rolleston could be unaware.

“We get a lot of players coming from Lincoln and Prebbleton and they’re getting ticketed as well.”

Atherton said there are about 925 spaces surrounding Foster Park, along with legal street parking in the area.

She said the parking team responds to complaints and does not have a fixed patrol area, but they do monitor areas where repeated complaints arise.

“At this point in time, we do not have fixed patrol areas, and our approach is reactive upon complaints.

“Council’s parking safety officers respond to every complaint. Where areas of concern are identified these areas are monitored periodically to ensure legal parking is occurring, keeping our roads safe.

“Each parking matter is considered on a case-by-case basis by the parking safety officer. On occasions, it may be suitable to issue a warning, and these are often applied, however, on other instances, it may be necessary to issue infringements.”

Selwyn United Football Club and Rolleston Netball Club also said finding parking was challenging at times, but had not had issues with members being fined.