Avocado ice cream: Is it any good?

It finally happened. The Millennial’s dream has come true — and we’re not talking about buying a house.

We’re talking about their favourite breakfast food being turned into something even sweeter. Introducing: avocado ice cream.

Appearing to be a new favourite in the world of frozen delicacies, the bright-green fruit is having its five minutes of fame with two New Zealand ice cream power players releasing their very own avocado-flavoured sweet treats.

It sounds intriguing, it sounds polarising, and the truth is, it is. After trying both creations, the Herald can confirm the ice cream will have you picking a side of avocado or avocadon’t.


Our attention was first drawn to the visionary ice cream when New Zealand’s renowned gelato artisan Gianpaolo Grazioli (Giapo) and his wife Annarosa collaborated with superstar Cher.

It’s been years since the iconic American singer and actress last visited New Zealand but her fond memories remain, especially when it comes to gelato. So, after five years, her sweet collaboration with Auckland gelato shop Giapo was unveiled.

There were six yummy flavours included in the collaboration, but it was SoCal’s Coldest Avocado on Toast that really stood out. Made from a creamy avocado-flavoured gelato mix and topped with a sprinkle of breadcrumbs, our Herald taste testers felt the creation is the perfect way to end a dinner.

Duck Island collaborated with The Avo Tree to create their Avocado and Rice Bubble flavoured...
Duck Island collaborated with The Avo Tree to create their Avocado and Rice Bubble flavoured treat. Photo: Supplied via NZH
Duck Island

Until now, avocado on toast was the winning combo but Duck Island’s new ice cream — also born from a collaboration — may have you second-guessing everything.

Joining forces with The Avo Tree, the New Zealand-owned and operated ice cream company created a one-of-a-kind flavour to celebrate International Avocado Day, which took place on July 31.

Releasing an Avocado and Rice Bubble special-edition flavour, the creamy treat is scattered with clusters of chewy Rice Bubbles to create the ultimate sweet and savoury combination. But was it a winner with our Herald taste testers? The jury was 50-50. Some loved its vanilla flavours while others felt it was far too sweet.

So, if you’re craving something sweet this weekend while simultaneously feeling adventurous, why not pay a visit to your favourite icecream and gelato creators to get a scoop of their intriguing limited-edition flavours?

By Lillie Rohan