Image of white powder on broken Ranfurly Shield

An image was shared with what appears to be a white powder on the Ranfurly Shield. Photo / Supplied
An image was shared with what appears to be a white powder on the Ranfurly Shield. Photo / Supplied
New Zealand Rugby are investigating an image which has been shared online of white powder on the broken Ranfurly Shield following Hawke’s Bay’s victory over Wellington on Saturday.

The image was emailed to NZME, along with New Zealand Rugby (NZR) and the Hawke’s Bay Rugby Union.

In the image, white powder is lined up on a broken half of the famous shield with the comment ‘F*** we broke the ranfurly’.

“NZR is aware of new images circulating on social media related to the Ranfurly Shield and are making further enquiries to Hawke’s Bay Rugby,” a New Zealand Rugby statement sent to NZME said.

Yesterday, the Hawke’s Bay Rugby Union voiced their devastation as their celebrations after winning the Ranfurly Shield left the Log of Wood destroyed.

The Magpies took the Shield from the Wellington Lions on Saturday afternoon, and yesterday, footage surfaced of two-test All Blacks halfback Folau Fakatava holding their prize - albeit in two separate pieces.

In a statement, Hawke’s Bay Rugby Union chief executive Jay Campbell said while Fakatava was in the video, he was not responsible for the damage, which was said to be caused by the Shield being dropped on to concrete.

“Hawke’s Bay Rugby is aware of social media posts circulating showing a damaged Ranfurly Shield.

"Hawke’s Bay has a rich and proud history with the Log of Wood, and we are incredibly proud of our performance yesterday and to once again be shield holders. Having taken some time to understand from those present what has happened, this was a genuine accident which occurred this morning when a player has unfortunately dropped the Shield on to a concrete kitchen floor,” the statement said.

A video surfaced online showing the extent of the damage to the Ranfurly Shield.

“Hawke’s Bay Rugby and our players understand the significance of this special taonga and its unique place within New Zealand rugby, including our own rich history. Everyone involved is incredibly upset and devastated by what has happened, especially as it was a genuine accident.”

Campbell also voiced his disappointment that a video of the damage made its way on to social media.

“We are very disappointed that a video has been shared on social media and can confirm that the individual in the video is not responsible for the damage. Posting on social media is not appropriate given the seriousness of this situation and we will be speaking with our team. Hawke’s Bay Rugby takes full responsibility for the damage and will immediately begin the process of repair.”

The Magpies beat Wellington 20-18 to regain the Shield after losing it to the Lions in September last year. Wellington ended a long tenure, with the Magpies defending the Shield 14 times before the loss. It was a similar situation with the Magpies taking it back, ending Wellington’s streak of successful defences at seven in what was the Lions’ final challenge of the season.

It comes just months after New Zealand Rugby completed a restoration project for the Log of Wood which saw the original Shield blessed and decommissioned by New Zealand Rugby Māori cultural adviser Luke Crawford to recognise its status as a taonga in the sport after a storied 118-year history, and a new one put into circulation.

It isn’t the first time a trophy has been damaged by a New Zealand rugby side, however, after the Crusaders were forced to apologise in 2020 for damaging the custom-made Super Rugby Aotearoa trophy during celebrations.