Two injured as Air New Zealand flight hits turbulence

A review at Air New Zealand comes at a time when the airline faces big changes at the very top....
A passenger and crew member were injured during turbulence on a flight from Wellington to Queenstown yesterday afternoon. 

Air New Zealand chief operational integrity and safety officer Captain David Morgan said a customer and crew member were injured during turbulence on NZ607 from Wellington to Queenstown on Sunday.

"The safety and wellbeing of our customers and crew is our number one priority, and our crew are trained to respond to these situations," he said.

"Our operating procedures outline our onboard response to different levels of turbulence, including detailing when passengers and crew are required to take their seats during the flight.

"From time to time, clear-air turbulence can occur where rough air is not visible to the flight crew."

A Hato Hone St John spokesperson confirmed two moderately injured patients were taken to Queenstown's Lakes District Hospital. 

The airline was always reviewing operating procedures in line with both regulation and international best practice to ensure the safety of customers and crew was prioritised, he said.