Century-old Christchurch netball club gets new look

Jodie Reuben, Teri Hawkins, Jamie Marshall, Sinead Henderson, Hannah O’Keeffe, Hannah Brewer and...
Jodie Reuben, Teri Hawkins, Jamie Marshall, Sinead Henderson, Hannah O’Keeffe, Hannah Brewer and Kiah Ralph in their new uniforms. Photo: Supplied
Technical Netball players can take their game to the next level after the club was awarded a grant to buy new uniforms.

Club president Brenda Bickerstaff applied for the ANZ netball grant, as the 101-year-old club needed help to update its uniforms. 

“The club has been around since 1921 and we are wanting to move the club forward into a new century and update things,” she said.

The club was awarded more than 100 new training tops to help relieve the financial burden of updating the uniforms. 

“I never thought in a million years we would get a grant as I know how popular this is and there so many deserving clubs out there in New Zealand,” said Bickerstaff.

“We’re a new committee who have inherited a wonderful club – but we’re running off the smell of an oily rag. We get fatigued asking members for money, we don’t want to have to put the fees on the members because we’re trying to keep the game accessible for all.”

When the club was formed, the game was very different, Bickerstaff said. 

“They played nine-a-side games and defenders weren’t allowed to defend. Women weren’t allowed to run because they didn’t want to work up a sweat. 

“They wore old black pinafore-like dresses that went well below the knees and they wore black stockings.

“Having these tops brings a further sense of connection and belonging to Technical Netball Club, no matter what level you play at. 

“It doesn’t matter whether they are a top premier player or a Saturday social player, all players will look the same and it gives them, and the club, a professional edge.” 

ANZ general manager marketing Matt Pickering said the bank was proud to support netball from the grassroots clubs and schools in Christchurch to the elite players in the ANZ premiership and the Silver Ferns.