Christchurch bike repair charity gears up for new era at Lichfield St workshop

The volunteers at RAD Bikes are passionate about fixing up bicycles to help people get around Christchurch.

RAD, which stands for 'Recycle a Dunger', takes used bikes and recycles them to help people in need. 

The bike trust recently moved out of its Victoria Square base to a new home in Lichfield St.

Workshop manager and mechanics teacher Dave Johnson said the new building has helped make their operation more efficient.

"Bringing it all under one roof is a great way for us to achieve here because we have all our bikes, all our tools, all our parts and that, here."

Volunteers with mechanical skills and expertise work on various bike projects and fix up bicycles to send back out to the community.

The RAD Bikes welcome sign. Photo: Emily O'Hagan
The RAD Bikes welcome sign. Photo: Emily O'Hagan
The organisation has 120 volunteers who give their time to help recycle many of the 'dungers' that come through the workshop.

Volunteer Mike O'Connor said he joined the charity after he helped a lady fix her bike and then realised he wanted to do more for people.

"I like doing good for other people, and the people here, they’re just good people and nice to hang around with.

"We have some fun. It's a good way to spend your time."

Johnson says sustainability is a big focus for the decade-old operation.

"One of our key things is: Why throw resources away when they still have use?

"So we're big on basically making sure that, if people have bike parts or bike frames, that they don't get chucked into the landfill.

"We can basically reuse them again. So we're basically into hands-on recycling."

The team at RAD Bikes hope their new location will encourage more people to get involved and help the community.

- By Emily O'Hagan, made with the support of NZ On Air