Old Christchurch school campus turned into outdoor gallery

More than 30 local artists have been painting murals on old buildings around Christchurch's Climate Action Campus.

The A-MAZE-INK art trail has the backing of the Christchurch City Council and was created to give opportunities to artists who mightn't otherwise have a public place for their work.

Jeremy Sauzier is one of the artists and is working on his 'Let it grow' mural.

"We've been assigned a wall and so this is our wall and we can come and go as we please and add to it and take away and experiment."

The campus is a satellite school to Ao Tawhiti and is based on the former Avonside Girl's High School site.

It aims to provide climate action education to pre-schoolers through to tertiary students.

Artist Reng Yu Chen, 82. Photo: Supplied
Artist Reng Yu Chen, 82. Photo: Supplied
Climate Action Campus Learning Advisor Rachel Cummins said the facility aims to educate students on climate change so they can take action.

"The point of this campus is to provide opportunities for young people, especially to understand what's happening, but also address it in a positive way. So know that their voice is important."

A range of artists applied for the project, and were selected to create works, based around themes of environment and climate education.

Sauzier said his artwork is inspired by the garden at the facility.

"I've got some silhouettes. Garden watering the plants. There's a beekeeper at the other end. There'll be some kids playing in the tall grasses and some flowers and just really reflecting nature."

The outdoor gallery's a space where artists have been able to interact with one another and share their creativity.

Sauzier said the more you look, the more you'll see.

"There's so many different styles. And so it's not sort of as if one artist has come and done their thing. It's just a whole range of styles and mishmash."

An open day scavenger hunt is planned to celebrate the A-MAZE-INK trail murals once they're finished.

- By Emily O'Hagan, made with the support of NZ On Air