Road closure on the cards in Halswell

The southern end of Milns Rd could be closed. Photo: Supplied
The southern end of Milns Rd could be closed. Photo: Supplied
The southern end of Milns Rd could be closed to improve safety near the busy Sparks and Sutherlands Rds.

Andrei Moore.
Andrei Moore.
If it goes ahead, motorists will need to use alternative routes to connect to Halswell Rd.

The Sparks Rd end of Milns Rd will be turned into a cul-de-sac and a new road/intersection will be built 180m up Sparks Rd.

This moves the intersection further from the bend, improves visibility, and simplifies the layouts for both Sutherlands/Sparks and Milns/Sparks traffic.

The closure was discussed at the Waipuna Halswell-Hornby-Riccarton Community Board meeting and is now up to Christchurch City Council to approve.

Halswell city councillor Andrei Moore said the key thoroughfare between Sparks and Halswell Rd will not be Milns Rd.

“That will be Collier Drive, which will connect Sparks Rd with the Dunbars/Halswell Rd intersection.”

He said the exact timing of the project will be development-dependent, but the work on the road last week was changes to road markings, which are low-cost and minor in nature.

Photo: Google
Photo: Google
City council transport operations manager Stephen Wright said the closure of Milns Rd will be part of the resource consent conditions for the adjacent subdivision development, which is currently being processed.

“Subject to resource consent, the southern part of Milns Rd will be realigned through the subdivision. As part of that work, the existing southern section will be closed.

“The anticipated timeframe is May 2026. However, this is dependent upon private development and outside of the council’s control.”

Implementation will be covered by a private development agreement between the city council and the developer and will align with Long Term Plan capital projects.

A report on the new road, which was discussed at the community board meeting, follows two briefings in September 2022.

It said the city council will likely only have this opportunity to act, as once the land is developed there will be no practical alternative solution to the problems being experienced at the intersection.