Speeding cyclists put walkers in danger

File photo
File photo
Cyclists speeding through a popular track in Cashmere are putting walkers in danger.

The Spreydon-Cashmere Community Board has asked city council staff to improve the signage at Ernle Clark Reserve to remind cyclists to be more considerate to pedestrians.

Board member Lee Sampson said the request was a result of the concerns raised by a nearby resident.

“It’s just Ernle Clark is such a successful space and it’s being used by so many people,” he said.

“The cyclists, because there are so many bends as you go around Ernle Clark or so many trees that kind of jut out into traffic, are just catching people out now and again.

“[City council] staff will go away and explore putting some signage up, so hopefully it’s just a case of putting some signs up and everybody gets on and will just have a little bit more courtesy for pedestrians.

“If you take the opinion that cyclists can’t use it, people will still use it, so you’ve just got to try and work with people essentially.”