Turn Hornby Blue campaign to pay for the new hydro pool

The Greater Hornby Residents Association is holding a ‘Turn Hornby Blue’ fundraiser for the new hydrotherapy pool today.

There are numerous ways the community can get involved.

Said the association’s events manager Barb Edwards: “All the local schools are on board with holding a ‘Dress in Blue’ mufti day. We have been asking residents to fly blue balloons from their letter boxes and also residents to dress up blue and decorate their stores.

“We have already been informed that Hornby Community Centre is holding a ‘Blue Bonanza Bargain’ day and the Hornby Salvation Army is turning their Thursday community cuppa blue”.

Hornby community advocate Mark Duff, a member and past chair of the residents’ association, said the “community fundraising efforts have been amazing”.

“Other initiatives we are aware of are local businesses taking part in blue dress-up days for a gold coin donation and selling blue cupcakes.”

One of the features of the day is a bubble sale as part of the association’s ‘Buy a Bubble’ campaign.

The campaign was set up by the residents’ association and the Hornby Rotary Club to help raise the last $269,000 required for the $1.4 million pool. 

The Turn Hornby Blue stand at the Hub on Friday. Photo: Facebook
The Turn Hornby Blue stand at the Hub on Friday. Photo: Facebook
The pool is being developed as part of the Matatiki Hornby Centre and will open in early 2024.

The centre includes a library, a customer service centre, a cafe, a creative activities room and multi-purpose rooms, as well as a laned pool, a ‘learn to swim’ pool, a toddler’s wet play area and a family spa pool.

There are three sizes of bubbles available to purchase – a $250 bubble, a $500 bubble and a $1000 bubble, which will be printed with the buyer’s name or desired logo and attached to a designated wall at the centre.

  • Follow the progress of the pool on the website Hornby Hydrotherapy Pool Fundraiser or go to the Greater Hornby Residents Association Facebook page

You can donate to the cause via Givealittle - https://givealittle.co.nz/cause/hornbyhydrotherapypool

Or 'Buy a Bubble' - https://buyabubble.nz/