Child suffers serious burns at North Canterbury camp

A child was airlifted to Christchurch Hospital after he suffered serious burns at a primary school camp near Amberley.

The Hokitika Primary School pupil was injured when a small methylated spirits stove malfunctioned on Tuesday afternoon at the Waipara Adventure Centre, Chris Lynch Media reported.

Principal Traci Liddall emailed parents about the incident on Wednesday afternoon.

The boy was airlifted from the camp to Christchurch Hospital, Chris Lynch Media reported.

She told Chris Lynch Media: “We’re doing everything we can to support him and his family.”

In the email, Liddall said: “I spoke to the child’s dad this morning and he is currently stable and as comfortable as can be expected.

“I know you will join me as we all send our love and support to the child and his family at this time.

“We have a number of supports in place from tomorrow for returning staff, students and parents including a counsellor and members of the Ministry of Education trauma team.

“We will do our best to keep you all informed whilst being mindful of maintaining privacy for (the child) and adhering to our legal obligations.

“At this stage we have no answers regarding what happened or why, nor will we speculate.

“It has been referred to Worksafe who will investigate fully.”

Hato Hone St John said an ambulance, a helicopter and two rapid response vehicles were called to the incident.

“Our ambulance officers treated one patient, in a serious condition, who was airlifted to Christchurch Hospital.”