Mural shines over Canterbury swimming pool


The new mural on the wall at the Amberley pool. PHOTO: SUPPLIED
The new mural on the wall at the Amberley pool. PHOTO: SUPPLIED
Hours of hard work paid off for a group of young creative artists when their 2m2 mural was unveiled at the Amberley Pool.

Amberley artist and teacher Carrie Keith and members of the Youth Art Amberley (YAA) unveiled the mural at the pool, which sought to remedy the lack of colour at the facility.

The group noticed the barren walls while attending a Children's Day celebration earlier in the year.

They put forward their mural idea to the Hurunui Creative Communities Scheme and Resene Paints helped fund the work.

Amberley Pool. Photo: Supplied
Amberley Pool. Photo: Supplied
After researching products to use in the harsh pool environment, they settled on a design representing the Amberley and Kowai areas.

"It had to include bright colours, fun characters, be interactive and inclusive," Keith, who teaches art, said. 

"The conceptual design meetings for the mural were lively and enthusiastic."

The team spent more than 250 hours over six months bringing their impressive mural to fruition, working in the cold during the winter months.

"We had to build the mural’s frame from the same materials they use on bathroom walls because we couldn’t paint on the walls," Keith said.

The Mainpower Amberley Pool. Photo: Facebook
The Mainpower Amberley Pool. Photo: Facebook
Once it was complete, the mural was sealed and coated with an anti-graffiti covering.

Keith said when times got tough and the mural seemed daunting and unachievable, the group stepped up and supported each other.

"They dug deep to keep the process going.

"Their passion and commitment to the project is evident, resulting in an impressive mural for the community to enjoy."