Man arrested for robbery of elderly driver

A 32-year-old man has been arrested after an elderly man was allegedly robbed of his car and threatened in Dunedin this afternoon.

Police said the victim, who had been asked for bus money, offered the man a ride from a petrol station in Andersons Bay Rd about 12.45pm.

The man accepted the offer and was given a ride to Malvern St in the northern end of Dunedin, a police spokeswoman said.

"When the victim pulled over and stopped so the man could get out, the man said he had a weapon, pushed [him] out of the car, and drove away."

Police were notified of the incident at 1.20pm, the spokeswoman said.

The elderly victim was shaken up, but was not injured, she said.

Police made an arrest at 2.45pm and they also recovered the victim's car.

A 32-year-old man is due to appear in the Dunedin District Court next week, charged with aggravated robbery and driving while disqualified.