Ponsonby shooting: pistols being tested for link

Hone Kay-Selwyn. Photo: NZ Police
Hone Kay-Selwyn. Photo: NZ Police
Police investigating a shooting in Auckland's Ponsonby Rd have found two pistols in Taupō, possibly linked to the incident.

Hone Kay-Selwyn was found dead near  Taupō on May 8 this year,  three days after fatally shooting 33-year-old Robert Sidney Horne.

A firearm was not found with Kay-Selwyn, a member of the Killer Beez gang, and no shell casings were recovered at the scene of the shooting.

Detective Inspector Chris Barry said today that police were undertaking forensic testing of the two pistols to establish a link to the Ponsonby shooting.

They are continuing to work out how Hone Kay-Selwyn obtained the firearm, he added.

The New Zealand Herald reported the pistols were cut-down Alfa carbine rifles, popular with criminals because they do not leave behind shell casings, which can be used as evidence.