Watch: Hanmer Springs swimming with visitors

Hanmer Springs has seen a big jump in visitor numbers since the opening of its new hydro slides.

Violet Vortex and Waiau Winder were officially opened at Hanmer Springs Thermal Pools and Spa last month, and have proved a big hit.

Visitor numbers are up by 55 per cent compared to this time last year. There were 10,000 visitors last week alone.

General manager Graeme Abbott said the high-tech hydro slides are the first of their kind in New Zealand, offering up an experience like no other.

"There's some fabulous technology, we've got LED lights, we've got LED lights at poles, we've got rings that happen around the slide and some movie projection as well."

Hurunui District Council helped fund the $3.2 million hydro slide project.

Mayor Marie Black said the redevelopment provided another critical boost to the local economy, providing more jobs, more tourism and increasing growth for local businesses.

- By Geoff Sloan
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