Women's advocate fundraising for UN trip

Christchurch cyclist Marina Taylor is peddling 7km every day this month to help fundraise for a trip to New York in March.

Taylor has been chosen to represent PACIFICA Aotearoa at the United Nations' Commission on the Status of Women, which will discuss the issues of gender equality and the advancement of women.

Taylor said the president of PACIFICA INC suggested she apply for the opportunity to attend.

"I did, and then I was accepted to go. But we had such a short window of time to raise funds and within that I thought: 'I'm going to go for my first fundraiser to see if I can raise funds'."

Marina Taylor on her daily bike ride. Photo: Emily O'Hagan
Marina Taylor on her daily bike ride. Photo: Emily O'Hagan
Taylor said she has always loved cycling and feels a connection to the sport but that relationship was tested when she was hit by a car 10 years ago in a near-fatal hit-and-run.

She said following the crash, she needed to get back on the bike.

"It's just in my nature. I can't be held down for long on anything.

"It's like, get back on, get back out and because of my love for cycling and my passion for cycling, nothing could have stopped me. Not even that."

The keen cyclist is also competing in the Aotearoa Bike Challenge in February, which encourages participants to set and achieve daily targets.

One of Taylor's next goals is riding the length of the country - from Cape Reinga to Bluff.

She's using this month-long challenge to help increase her fitness as she starts planning for her next adventure.

- By Emily O'Hagan, made with the support of NZ On Air