'Congested to hell': Prestons Park finally gets second entrance/exit

The crucial stretch of road that connects the subdivision to Mairehau Rd has been constructed and...
The crucial stretch of road that connects the subdivision to Mairehau Rd has been constructed and will open in about two weeks. Photo: Supplied
Prestons Park residents have waited nearly a decade for a second main entrance/exit to be installed and reduce the congestion at its first entrance.

The Marshland subdivision has had only one exit from Prestons Park Dr onto Prestons Rd, but now a crucial stretch of road that connects the subdivision to Mairehau Rd has been constructed.

It will be open in about two weeks.

Lyn Bunn.
Lyn Bunn.
Lyn Bunn, who lives in Prestons, said she has been waiting for the second entrance since moving into the subdivision three years ago.

“Getting into and out of the subdivision has been just diabolical. It’s congested to hell, especially during the peak times,” she said.

“Virtually everyone has been in favour of the exit being built.”

In late 2022, Bunn started a petition demanding action on the unfinished road which garnered about 700 signatures.

The residents were told by the developers preparatory work would start in January last year. However, it was another six months of waiting before construction got under way in June.

Said Bunn: “When we cut the ribbon, I’ll believe the exits have been completed. It’s been delayed many times.

“These exits will give the subdivision better access as well as to those driving in and out. It’ll help ambulances and emergency responders enter quickly. The biggest issues were the extra time, money, fuel and distance we had to travel just to get to other places.

“We have been well supported by the local community board, which has continuously advocated for this.”

Waitai Coastal-Burwood Community Board chair Kelly Barber said getting a second exit has been one of his priorities since being elected onto the board.

“I just want to say I apologise to the community that this hasn’t been fixed sooner. It shouldn’t have taken so long.”

Construction of the exit, which is installed at the south end of the subdivision, meant residents were forced to take an alternative route to the main northern exit or head out a narrow eastern one.

The limited options left the residents concerned and frustrated about congestion and safety.

Barber said the cars trying to leave get “stacked up for miles” along Prestons Park Dr and then residents of the subdivision have to drive “about 4km” to get out.

“With the exit opening being imminent, I would like to thank Lyn who instigated and pushed for the exit as the people of Preston have been waiting a very long time.

“I’d also like to thank the mayor, Phil Mauger, for his intervention at various times ... this second exit will make a massive difference to the subdivision and travel to and from it.”