Pay rises likely for new council


Neil Brown
Neil Brown
Ashburton councillors and mayor Neil Brown are likely to get a good pay increase.

The proposed pay increases, subject to a determination by the Remuneration Authority, were to be discussed by council yesterday (Wednesday).

Under the proposal, Mr Brown will be provided with a petrol or electric vehicle for full private use, providing conditions are met.

His mayoral salary will be $121,500 and that of deputy Liz McMillan will be $57,502.

The new council has five standing committees, Audit, Risk and Finance (Leen Braam), Bylaw and Policy (John Falloon), Community Services (Angus McKay), and Infrastructure Services (Stuart Wilson) and the chair of each will get $43,000.

The base salary for the three other councillors will be $35,118.

The new council is smaller than the last - nine councillors instead of 12 - and the proposed figures, if agreed, must be sent to the Remuneration Authority for approval and inclusion in a determination.

The Ashburton council remuneration pool until June 30 2020 is $377,856 and the minimum allowance for a councillor is $25,047.

The salary of the former mayor, Donna Favel, was $108,713, the deputy, Mr Brown, got $36,440 and the chairs of standing committees got $32,535.

Councillors got $26,029.