Future of former Rangiora police station still unclear


The future of Rangiora’s former police station remains in limbo as negotiations between Ngai Tahu Property and New Zealand Police continue.

The building on High St was closed in September 2019 for a seismic assessment after safety concerns were raised during refurbishment work.

It was found to be non-repairable and condemned.

In 2021 the building was declared ‘‘surplus to police needs’’, and the four-step Crown disposal process began.

After it was deemed the land was not needed for any other public works, and Land Information New Zealand confirmed the property was exempt from a buy-back requirement, the property was offered to Ngai Tahu under the Treaty of Waitangi settlement process, Right of First Refusal.

A police spokesperson says the property has been offered to Ngai Tahu, but nine months has lapsed without a decision being made, so a reoffer is now required.

‘‘Ngai Tahu have been working constructively with NZ Police on this matter and we are in regular communication.''

A Ngai Tahu Property spokesperson declined to say whether a decision on the future of the property was likely to be made soon.

‘‘Due to commercial sensitivities, Ngai Tahu Property does not comment on potential development opportunities,’’ the spokesperson said.

If Ngai Tahu Property decides not to accept the re-offer, the property will be sold on the open market.

Police do not intend to demolish the building as part of the divestment.

‘‘This decision will be made by the new owner,’’ the spokesperson said.

By Shelley Topp