Boy racers continue to cause issues for police

File photo
File photo
A motorist allegedly more than three times the drink driving limit was caught after doing a burnout near the Rolleston police station.

Police say the 25-year-old from Burnham recorded 1026 micrograms of alcohol per litre of breath.

The legal limit is 250mcg/l. He was also charged with sustained loss of traction.

Senior Sergeant Dean Harker said the driver was tracked to a Burnham address after a member of the public reporting seeing him doing a burnout near the Tennyson St police station last Friday night.

“He was annoyed about something and decided to do a burnout, which wasn’t a good look when you have been drinking as well,” he said.

The burnout wasn’t an anti-police thing, said Harker.

The incident followed police stopping a drink driver earlier in the night as they responded to a traffic complaint on State Highway 1.

The driver recorded 1042mcg/l after police stopped a vehicle on Jones Rd.

Last Saturday night, boy racers once again gathered in the district.

Police impounded a vehicle and charged a 19-year-old with sustained loss of traction.

There have been large early morning gatherings of boy racers in recent weeks near the intersection of Hoskyns Rd  and Maddisons Rd at Rolleston.

Said Senior Constable Scott McLachlan: “Police continue to have a presence to deter the gatherings and illegal driving behaviour.

“Police would like to encourage members of the public to continue to report large gatherings of vehicles where illegal driving activity has, or may, occur. Police attendance and presence is often enough to discourage activity from starting or continuing.

“If possible, record any registrations and descriptions of vehicles performing skids or driving at high speed so that police can make follow-up inquiries if vehicles are not located at the time.”