Police warning about vehicle break-ins at new subdivision

Photo: Getty Images
Photo: Getty Images
An increase in the number of vehicle break-ins at a new subdivision near Christchurch has prompted police to warn residents to tighten their security.

Sergeant Alex Pickover said the Faringdon subdivision in Rolleston was mainly being targeted.

"We are getting quite a few vehicle interferences in that subdivision recently, it is certainly very apparent."

What is concerning police most is the number of vehicles left unlocked or with valuables inside, he said.

"People are leaving their vehicles unsecured and with valuables still inside, so it’s a big issue at the moment.

"You’d be absolutely surprised and shocked about some of the things that have been taken.

"In the past, we have had people leave unlocked cars on their driveway with the garage door remote still inside," Sergeant Pickover said.

He said the break-ins were generally happening at night between about 9pm and midnight or in the early morning.

Sergeant Pickover said implementing a "9pm security check" is a good way to ensure you sleep easier.

"This means at 9pm each night getting up and checking valuables are out of your vehicle and it is secure, doors and windows in your home are secure, as well as any garages or sheds."

Thieves usually search vehicles for cash, bank cards, sunglasses, GPS devices, mobiles phones, laptops, wallets and purses, sports equipment and clothing, Sergeant Pickover said.

"The key advice is to always lock your vehicle, remove valuables, park in well-lit areas when possible and take documents containing personal information with you.

"You should not leave keys to your house or other things in your vehicle either."

Police are also encouraging neighbours and the community to stick together.

"If you see anything suspicious, do call 111 straight away," Sergeant Pickover said. 

"We would just be looking for a description, a direction of travel and things like that."