Principal takes action to stop parking in 'kiss and go' zone

People parking in Lincoln Primary School’s ‘kiss and go’ area has prompted its principal Viv Butcher to meet with the district council to develop a new plan.

Ms Butcher said parked vehicles are taking up the drop off and pick up spaces, in spite of the 2min limit signs, and it is putting pupils at risk.

“This area does present a significant danger to our children when cars are parked and they are walking between them to get to their parents’ cars. We certainly do not want an avoidable tragedy to happen in our community. I have been in touch with the council and police, as I am very concerned that an accident is imminent if we do not take steps to ensure no vehicles are parked in this area.”

Mrs Butcher met with district council road safety co-ordinator Stephanie Hautler last week to discuss how to address the problem.

The school’s existing travel plan was developed in 2011.

Stephanie Hautler said the meeting went well and they will work together to review the school’s operations and see where improvements can be made.

“The Lincoln community has grown significantly since that date, and since the vehicle and pedestrian movements have changed, it is time to review the plan.”

Senior Sergeant Pete Stills said police are aware of the ongoing parking issues and concerns at the school.

“The Lincoln staff and our school community officer are well aware of the situation. We are working with the school to see what we can do to help,” he said.