Selwyn residents urged to save water

Photo: Getty Images
Photo: Getty Images
Selwyn residents are being encouraged to preserve water to avoid restrictions.

The Selwyn District Council is recommending a number of actions to help save water as the dry weather continues.

Infrastructure group manager Murray Washington said: "Through good planning and investment in our water supplies, the council is in a good position to meet increased water demand during summer, and there is no immediate need for mandatory water restrictions."

However, if demand for water increases over summer then water restrictions may be introduced, he said. This would require households to avoid watering lawns at specific times.

"With the lack of rainfall at the moment and hotter weather forecast to be on the way, we're encouraging people to use water wisely to avoid water restrictions.

"We’re encouraging people to think about their water use.

"If everyone plays their part we should be able to avoid restrictions and provide water at a good pressure all summer long."

The council recommends residents limit garden and lawn watering until after 9pm. This ensures the sun doesn’t quickly evaporate the water.

You should also:

  1. Use a watering can or hose
  2. Check hoses or taps for leaks and make sure sprinklers are watering plants not the driveway, footpath or buildings.
  3. Water for shorter periods, for example, set your system to run for 3-5min intervals over a couple of hours to let the soil absorb more water than watering for 15min continuously.
  4. Use a watering can or hose.