Silver Swans shine on stage

A group of over-55-year-olds have hit the stage for the first time in Christchurch after discovering the joy of classical ballet.

The Silver Swans, a specialist ballet class for adult dancers, took the chance to show off what they had learnt on Saturday at Middleton Grange School's performing arts theatre.

Bosman Ballet Flow founder Celia Bosman, who runs the class, says it was the first time on stage for many of the members.

"It's nerve-racking being in a live performance and so many of these dancers have maybe only had a small amount of time doing ballet."

Silver Swans' members are usually 55 and over, but the group welcomes anyone into the class, Bosman said.

It was the first time on stage for many of these Silver Swans. Photo: Geoff Sloan
It was the first time on stage for many of these Silver Swans. Photo: Geoff Sloan
Their production of Be Moved showcased a variety of dance routines, set to an eclectic mix of music.

"I like to give the dancers an opportunity to put their dancing into literally a different stage," Bosman said.

"So to experience the joy of a live performance and also to share their love of that ballet with their loved ones."

Bosman Ballet Flow specialises in teaching classical ballet to adults of all abilities.

Bosman says many adults find ballet offers them a fun way to get fit and healthy, while providing a range of mental, physical, and emotional benefits.

"Ballet's definitely more popular for adults.

"And I think people are realising that it's not necessarily just for the arena of the young dancer that wants to become a professional.

"They're realising that they can just do it as purely enjoyment."

After the show, it was straight back into rehearsal mode for Bosman Ballet Flow, with members limbering up to celebrate World Ballet Day on Wednesday.

- By Geoff Sloan
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