Lincoln Cricket Club to play on home ground regardless of closure

Lincoln Cricket is frustrated with the state of its home ground. PHOTO: BARRY CLARKE
Lincoln Cricket is frustrated with the state of its home ground. PHOTO: BARRY CLARKE
Lincoln Cricket has vowed to host its club day on Saturday regardless of whether its home ground is closed by the Selwyn District Council or not.

The main cricket field at the Lincoln Domain is closed while the council repairs it after winter. It is expected to reopen for play on Saturday.

Lincoln Cricket Club president Tony McKenzie said they have not been able to use the ground this season.

“We’ll be on the fields Saturday, no matter what.”

On Saturday all 21 junior and senior teams will be playing at the domain and at Lincoln High School. 

“It’s been a real issue,” McKenzie said of the ground’s closure.

“We’ve been having to play all our home games up in Rangiora at $120 a throw.”

The council has agreed to reimburse the cost of the field hire in Rangiora.

McKenzie was critical repair work was not carried out until a week before the cricket season starting on October 5.

He said the grass seed sown by the council did not grow the first time, so it had to try again.

“It is a bit of a mess at the moment, unfortunately.”

Council reserves operations manager Jonathan Crawford said wet weather delayed the work, and it was hoped the field would be open for Saturday.

But McKenzie said if it was closed, they would still play on it.

Said Crawford: “We’re happy to speak directly any time with clubs about any issues around access to grounds.”

Also affected by the closure is the Lincoln Golden Oldies touch rugby.

Golden Oldies president Mark Tweedy said they were able to play on the field a fortnight ago, but have since been told by the council not to use it.

Tweedy said the club is now using the back fields, meaning fewer people are patronising the bar at the clubrooms.

“No one is coming into our bar, which we rely on it for our revenue,” Tweedy said.