Templeton focuses on climate change

Sara Templeton
Sara Templeton
Climate change will remain at the top of Sara Templeton’s priority list during her next three years at the city council table.

She was re-elected as the Heathcote Ward councillor for a second term with 5092 votes on Saturday, beating contender Darrell Latham by 2090 votes.

Cr Templeton said she aims to work with communities in the ward to develop strategies to help manage and adapt to climate change.

“It’s going to take all of us working together to be able to have an impact,” she said.

The “eco-village” model being used at Redcliffs is an initiative she wants to help develop in other areas.

“It’s cumulative, small impacts that help make a large impact, and when we act together, we make a real difference. Collective action is also the antidote to the despair that some feel about the climate crisis,” she said.

“We do need some larger-scale systemic changes, however, such as in our transport

system to make it easy for people to make climate-friendly choices.”

She hopes to have a “huge conversation” with communities about dealing with the potential impacts of rising sea levels, storms and flooding events.

“The coastal hazards section of our District Plan needs to be in place next year, so we need to get started on that really soon.”

Cr Templeton cycles 10km to work most days or takes the bus.

She said she is a vegetarian, has almost completely cut out dairy, and is attempting to go for a year without buying new clothes or shoes.

She says she recycles and uses a keep cup for her takeaway coffee.

During the last term, Cr Templeton helped with a list of projects across the city and in Heathcote, including the opening of Matuku Tokotoko: Sumner Centre and the reopening of Sumner Rd.

She believes a “relentlessly positive” campaign and her hard work as a councillor allowed her to hold the seat.

While her opponent Mr Latham did not get onto the city council, he was “absolutely delighted” to be re-elected to the Linwood-Central-Heathcote Community Board with 4586 votes, alongside Tim Lindley with 4818.

Gail Woods lost out on a board seat with 2403 votes.

Mr Latham said it was “tough” running for the city council against an incumbent and congratulated Cr Templeton.

Tim Lindley was also re-elected to the Heathcote community board seat.