What happens to your household rubbish during the lockdown?

Photo: Newsline/CCC
Photo: Newsline/CCC
There will be no changes to Christchurch City Council's kerbside collection service during the upcoming level four lockdown which begins at 11.59pm on Wednesday. 

A city council spokesperson said residents should continue to put their bins out as per the normal schedule.

"If the situation changes we will keep you fully informed.

"Please space your wheelie bins at least 50cm apart to make them as accessible for our trucks as possible. This prevents our drivers having to handle bins."

The city council has also addressed a number of questions people may have around disposing of their rubbish during the lockdown. 

Can I drop rubbish at the dump and can I drop recycling at the transfer station?

"You will be able to continue to drop rubbish at the Ecodrop Transfer stations at Parkhouse Road and Bromley transfer stations.

"From 4.30pm on Wednesday the Ecodrop at Styx Mill will be closed.

"The Barrys Bay transfer station will be operating under limited hours, with public access limited to Wednesday, 12-2pm. Birdlings Flat still open as per normal open hours."

What should I do with my gas bottles or hazardous waste?

"We cannot accept hazardous materials at the transfer station after Wednesday 25 March so please store old gas bottles and other household hazardous items at home until we resume our normal services. Please don’t put them in the wheelie bin."

What should I do with asbestos contaminated items?

"Asbestos contaminated material will only be accepted at the transfer station by prior appointment, please contact us on 03 941 8999 to arrange."

Is the EcoShop open?

"The Eco Shop is closed until further notice."

Can I still use the Banks Peninsula collection points open?

"Banks Peninsula community collections points are operating as normal, please practice good hygiene and maintain social distances when using these facilities."