Christchurch rugby fan takes on All Blacks legend

One ball, a tee and an hour to try and beat an All Blacks legend.

Christchurch sports fan Peter England is among those taking up the challenge to 'Beat Dan Carter'.

The initiative is a partnership between Unicef and Carter to fundraise for children in the Pacific to get access to clean drinking water and other amenities.

Challengers from all over New Zealand are getting involved in the event, with the target of beating Carter's April record of 273 goals in one hour.

England said he wanted to get involved in a fundraising initiative that was worthwhile.

"Just trying to do something good, in this world rather than, you know, just doing nothing and sitting back so I just want to get inspired and do good stuff."

England's initial fundraising goal was $500 for the DC10 fund.

He reached that easily, so raised the goal to $1000, which he has also now exceeded.

England admits he doesn't actually play rugby himself. But his interest in the fundraiser was sparked by the involvement of Dan Carter. England said he's a massive All Blacks fan, collecting a range of memorabilia and taking inspiration from the team.

"To some people, rugby is just a game but to me and to a lot of the fans, it's not a game, it's an inspiration for knowing you can do what you set your mind to."

Peter England. Photo: Emily O'Hagan
Peter England. Photo: Emily O'Hagan
England had some supporters cheering for him on Sunday and even had a team of mates passing the ball back to him to help increase his efficiency.

He believes it is important to fundraise to give back to other communities.

England managed to score 262 goals before the clock stopped - 11 short of the target.

But he said this isn't the end of his fundraising journey and hopes the money raised will help improve the lives of kids in the Pacific.

- By Emily O'Hagan, made with the support of NZ On Air