Women shine at Linwood art exhibition

Christchurch residents have been appreciating the range of artworks at a special female-focussed exhibition in Linwood.

Brilliant Vibrant Women launched its 2024 show this week, showcasing 26 works at the Linwood Community Arts Centre's Eastside Gallery.

The gallery invited the local women to display some of their pieces. The selection was narrowed down to 14 artists from a total of 80 who applied.

Exhibition organiser Liz Boldt said the show is full of colourful, vibrant art created by Canterbury women. 

This is the third year in a row the exhibition has been held and it received the highest number of registrations so far.

Boldt said the aim is to provide as many open-call shows as possible and, from there, work with the artists through the whole process. 

She said this makes it more affordable for the artists.

Irenie How. Photo: Supplied
Irenie How. Photo: Supplied
Artist Irenie How admitted trying to exhibit your own art in Christchurch can be challenging.

"A lot of the galleries we have here are quite high-end.

"We have the Christchurch Art Gallery and we have amazing spaces like The Physics Room.

"It's kind of catered towards an academic environment or an institutional way of looking at art."

How is keen to see more art spaces like the Linwood Community Arts Centre catering for "ordinary people".

How's work is based on ideas previously associated with being a woman, including heirlooms and handmade goods.

She grew up with a religious, traditional hierarchy. 

"I never really saw women doing much more than being mothers and wives and that's an amazing thing.

"But to be in a space where we're able to do other things and to be celebrated for achievements of our own and our own expression is really meaningful."

Brilliant Vibrant Women's organisers hope the show will inspire more female artists to show their work.

The exhibition runs until late March.

- By Emily O'Hagan, made with the support of NZ On Air