'Just gutted': $4000 in gear stolen during Selwyn Marathon

Photo: Selwyn Marathon / Facebook
Photo: Selwyn Marathon / Facebook
Organisers of the first-ever Selwyn Marathon are appalled at the amount of gear stolen from the event over the weekend, which included a portaloo.

The Selwyn Marathon was held on Sunday with the start and finish line at the Lincoln Event Centre.

Race director John Moore said up to $4000 in equipment has been stolen.

It includes four 30km-50km speed signs, four Stop/Go paddles, as well as numerous KM markers and cones.

Five event signs were also taken along with three exclamation signs.

The Selwyn Marathon. Photo: Facebook / Felicity Thomson
The Selwyn Marathon. Photo: Facebook / Felicity Thomson
But what has shocked organisers the most is the theft of a grey Superloo port-a-loo.

"It's actually quite gutting. It leaves a real bad taste in your mouth.

"The event went great and then to find out the toilets been stolen. Who steals a portaloo? it's just ridiculous," Moore said.

He said every sign cost about $100 each and the Stop/Go paddles cost about the same.

"We're not quite sure what the cost of the toilet is yet. It could be about $4000 worth of gear taken.

"It's straight-up theft, we're just gutted really."

"Whether it is a contractor or something who wants a toilet in their yard and thinks oh they won't miss it or think its a joke but it's not really a joke.

"To put these events together costs thousands of dollars ... and when you have to turn around and pay thousands of dollars for the gear that's been stolen, it is ridiculous."

Moore said race two of the Canterbury Duathlon series is planned in Rolleston this Sunday.

"And now we have to go and buy more signs to actually run the event. We need those missing speed signs for people's safety.

"We can't run the event without a traffic management plan in place."

The theft was not the only thing organisers have had to deal with.

They received reports of a woman in her 50-60s who was abusing the race marshals.

She later drove at a runner who managed to duck out of the way just in time, Moore said.

The woman was driving a beige Kia vehicle and organisers have contacted police about the incident.

"That could have been a real mess. We were dumbfounded when we found out about that. It's just stupidity."

Police have been contacted about the theft and the abuse incident.

  • If you have information that could assist in locating the items, contact the race organisers.

-By Devon Bolger, Georgia O'Connor-Harding

Selwyn Marathon results:

Marathon - 42.2km - Runners
Paul Hadley 4:49:50 32nd
Ryan Lewer 4:50:25 33rd
Michael Jenkinson 4:53:37 34th
Ian Craig 5:00:35 35th
Grant Walker 5:03:08 36th
Jason Anderson 5:03:28 37th
Chris Harpur 5:24:23 38th
Gregory Brand DNF

1/2 Marathon - 21km - Runners

Blake Weston 1:19:49 1st
Jack Brownke 1:19:58 2nd
Ryan White 1:20:14 3rd
Yuri Cowan 1:21:09 4th
Steven Gibson 1:21:34 5th
Thomas Zohrab 1:22:30 6th
Nat Anglem 1:23:43 7th
Sally Gibbs 1:24:41 8th
Ben Wilkinson 1:24:53 9th
Matthew Malcolm 1:25:25 10th
Daron Colvill 1:25:32 11th
Pat Taylor 1:27:34 12th
Shane Davin 1:27:49 13th
Bryon Mann 1:27:58 14th
Bryce Smith 1:28:08 15th
Rebecca Allnutt 1:28:40 16th
Hamish Murphy 1:29:00 17th
Jeremy Moore 1:29:38 18th
John Mathias 1:29:45 19th
Sebastian Taylor 1:29:56 20th
Caitlin Bassett 1:31:01 21st
Baydon Harris 1:31:41 22nd
Jennie Nicholson 1:32:24 23rd
David Conradson 1:35:03 24th
Sam James 1:36:14 25th
Isaac Aitken 1:36:20 26th
Jason Boyte 1:36:24 27th
Samuel McClay 1:36:37 28th
Ellen Cavanagh 1:36:51 29th
Cam Hunter 1:37:09 30th
Daniel Brown 1:37:42 31st
Ben Forde 1:39:29 32nd
Teresa Blackmore 1:39:58 33rd
Eleanor Burgess 1:40:24 34th
Jeremy Jennings 1:41:01 35th
Logan Rogers 1:41:28 36th
Andrew Loader 1:42:16 37th
Samuel Hobson 1:42:32 38th
Adrian Escarlan 1:42:48 39th
Jakob Ambrose 1:42:53 40th
Thomas Wilson 1:43:29 41st
Oliver Davidson 1:44:42 42nd
Robert Bell 1:46:10 43rd
Ryan MacArthur 1:47:54 44th
Marie-Claire Morahan 1:48:03 45th
Rob Allan 1:48:30 46th
Paul Botha 1:49:18 47th
AGW Donnelly 1:49:29 48th
Paul Harrison 1:50:24 49th
Cara Trenberth 1:50:29 50th
Tyler Cooke 1:50:45 51st
Mitch Mahon 1:50:54 52nd
Nigel Johnston 1:51:11 53rd
Lou Kirkland 1:51:38 54th
Meyrick Clayden 1:52:18 55th
Alex Mowe 1:53:05 56th
Stephen Graham 1:53:32 57th
Tama Aranga 1:54:55 58th
Rachael McKinney 1:55:07 59th
Valerie Muskett 1:55:15 60th
Cushla Watts 1:55:43 61st
Cheryl Kelly 1:55:54 62nd
C Stott 1:56:01 63rd
Emma Gould 1:56:22 64th
Michael Flatman 1:56:28 65th
James Ryan 1:56:29 66th
Chris Gardner 1:56:59 67th
Jonathan Gaunson 1:57:01 68th
Mike Gibson 1:57:26 69th
Nicola Jennings 1:57:31 70th
Bruce Woods 1:57:38 71st
Carl McIlroy 1:57:52 72nd
Christopher Gregg 1:58:09 73rd
Rachel Harris 1:58:16 74th
Juliet Bryan 1:58:26 75th
Adam Donaldson 1:58:26 76th
Kris Weyling 1:58:29 77th
Chandra Ghimire 1:58:58 78th
Sally Kemp 1:59:15 79th
Rebecca Stewart 1:59:18 80th
Grace Forde 1:59:20 81st
Chad Ojales 1:59:50 82nd
Brian Salton 1:59:53 83rd
Clive Horn 2:00:50 84th
Adam O'Neill 2:01:47 85th
Tom Hart 2:02:01 86th
Matthew O'Dea 2:02:35 87th
Talima Kalauta-Crofts 2:03:07 88th
Steven Kennedy 2:04:16 89th
Pauline Chin 2:05:15 90th
Hamish Coombe 2:05:20 91st
Flick Hanton 2:09:05 92nd
Greg Boock 2:09:44 93rd
Scott Pierce 2:09:55 94th
Rachel Soppet 2:10:07 95th
Malanie Gibson 2:10:11 96th
Alice Cooke 2:10:24 97th
Katherine Higgins 2:10:33 98th
Chris Davis 2:10:39 99th
Jerry Crocombe 2:11:05 100th
Sandy de Vries 2:11:59 101st
Kylie Hunter 2:12:23 102nd
Jeremy Benton 2:12:57 103rd
Jon Leko 2:13:12 104th
Shane Manson 2:13:19 105th
Danielle Moakes-Evans 2:13:41 106th
Peter Dernhagen 2:13:47 107th
Craig Mora 2:14:16 108th
Kirsty Morrison 2:14:51 109th
Sara Qasem 2:15:02 110th
Sue Chappell 2:15:02 111th
Cera Vorster 2:15:28 112th
Rob Reid 2:15:30 113th
Chris Batchelor 2:16:46 114th
Callum Wilson 2:17:10 115th
Sarah Macdonald 2:17:19 116th
Shepherd Tim 2:17:42 117th
Nigel McIntyre 2:17:46 118th
John Spicer 2:17:56 119th
Tiffany Neylon 2:18:10 120th
Christopher Putwain 2:18:11 121st
Colin Hayes 2:19:25 122nd
Jayne Griffiths 2:21:02 123rd
Thanutporn Stewart 2:21:20 124th
Janne Falkner 2:21:21 125th
Samuel Lane 2:22:33 126th
Jenna Manton 2:24:38 127th
Diane Alderson 2:27:28 128th
Carmen Lintsen 2:28:25 129th
Cecille Johnston 2:29:09 130th
Diane McCarthy 2:29:49 131st
Karina Stewart 2:32:17 132nd
Grant Tyrrell 2:36:38 133rd
Christina Trinnaman 2:38:29 134th
Tracey Burtenshaw 2:38:30 135th
Denis Yeo 2:40:16 136th
Alvin Lau 2:40:17 137th
Paul Burke 2:44:59 138th
Kristina Mercado 2:48:39 139th
Wayne Houghton 2:57:20 140th
Shirley Rolston 3:06:38 141st
Anita Freer 3:06:39 142nd
Felicity Thomson 3:07:43 143rd
Mel Verheijen 3:31:37 144th

1/2 Marathon - 21km - Walkers

Amanda Hodson 2:40:31 1st
Darryn Harris 2:40:59 2nd
Rachel Hotop 3:15:26 3rd
Lorna Warner 3:15:41 4th
Marie Baylis 3:18:31 5th
Blair Burtenshaw 3:18:31 6th
Alison Hibbs 3:20:11 7th
Raquel Wilson 3:20:12 8th
Julie Tainui 3:23:00 9th
Lisa Hunter 3:23:00 10th

10km - Runners

David Lee 0:30:10 1st
Auren Clarke 0:34:38 2nd
David Sewell 0:36:39 3rd
Michael McCorkindale 0:37:31 4th
Jason Wilcock 0:37:40 5th
Peter Richards 0:38:38 6th
Luke Bailey 0:40:23 7th
Julia Sweeney 0:40:25 8th
JP Walker 0:40:55 9th
Brian Healy 0:42:31 10th
Jeremy Wheeler 0:43:04 11th
Davor Culic 0:43:36 12th
Astoria Delaney 0:44:38 13th
Chris Growcott 0:45:23 14th
Eva Sewell 0:45:38 15th
10km - Runners
Sunday 5th June
Overall Results
1/2 Marathon - 21km - Walkers
Carl Huyser 0:45:41 16th
Sarah Masterton 0:45:48 17th
Courtney Bracefield 0:46:07 18th
Marty Lockyer 0:46:46 19th
Cameron Steinberg 0:46:54 20th
Dave Hazelwood 0:47:32 21st
Amy Collis 0:47:52 22nd
Steve Rea 0:48:00 23rd
Scott Murray 0:48:07 24th
Alan Goulding 0:48:49 25th
Barth Landy 0:48:56 26th
Nathan Ashworth 0:48:58 27th
Lina Chieng 0:50:05 28th
Chris Arnold 0:50:08 29th
Rick Harlow 0:50:14 30th
Lisa Harcourt 0:50:23 31st
Dianne Davis 0:50:32 32nd
Jason Scott 0:51:03 33rd
Ben Prouting 0:51:40 34th
Stephanie Rumble 0:51:41 35th
Sharlyn Taylor 0:52:01 36th
Tom Brooks 0:52:06 37th
Sam Maeli 0:52:29 38th
Alex Lond 0:52:30 39th
Michael Krause 0:52:32 40th
Taylor Johnson 0:52:52 41st
James Kim 0:52:59 42nd
Lorna Fastier-Minnear 0:53:23 43rd
Christian Murphy 0:53:36 44th
Emma Benn 0:53:36 45th
Madeline Davidson 0:53:48 46th
Holly Cassin 0:54:29 47th
Croyden Enoka 0:54:45 48th
Yoon Shik Kim 0:55:01 49th
Sarah Friston 0:55:27 50th
Sarah McCormick 0:56:10 51st
Cathy Wu 0:56:30 52nd
Siobhan Culhane 0:56:49 53rd
Michelle Watts 0:56:56 54th
Dave Beatty 0:57:07 55th
Henry Holdaway 0:57:38 56th
Rosie Sorenson 0:57:45 57th
Bronte Hermansson 0:57:47 58th
Joshua Woodhouse 0:58:00 59th
Orla Double 0:58:52 60th
John Brooks 0:59:34 61st
Jeremy Wells 0:59:44 62nd
Jessica Heal 1:00:01 63rd
Stacey Beetham 1:00:25 64th
Aaron Orangi 1:00:37 65th
Ash Stirling 1:00:58 66th
Leanda Adamson 1:01:01 67th
Matt Adamson 1:01:02 68th
Kylie Grieve 1:01:14 69th
Jemma Walker 1:02:21 70th
Richard Thompson 1:02:26 71st
Keri Jackson 1:02:37 72nd
Letitia Taylor 1:03:42 73rd
Danielle Mardon 1:03:57 74th
Sean Bryant 1:04:14 75th
Christopher Lim 1:04:46 76th
Rachael Maiden 1:05:10 77th
Anna Page 1:05:24 78th
Max Englefield 1:05:30 79th
Hannah Flett 1:05:41 80th
Suzanne Thompson-Jones 1:05:49 81st
Julie Albengrin. 1:05:55 82nd
Tracey Keefe 1:06:04 83rd
Paula Duncan 1:07:47 84th
Robyn Low 1:08:40 85th
Megan Burrows 1:08:41 86th
Angela Burwell 1:09:11 87th
Bev Thompson 1:09:25 88th
Melissa Kyle 1:09:46 89th
Shane Taylor 1:09:54 90th
Judy Sim 1:10:33 91st
Julia Howard 1:10:40 92nd
Lisa Pilgrim 1:10:53 93rd
Nicky Walsh 1:11:00 94th
Marco Versfeld 1:11:15 95th
Debra Davy 1:11:34 96th
Nadine Daines 1:12:17 97th
Karen Beatty 1:12:34 98th
Sam Stevenson 1:13:31 99th
Ayyam O'Brien 1:16:52 100th
Amanda Bailey 1:16:53 101st
Alex Wilson 1:16:55 102nd
Sue Finnie 1:19:07 103rd
Jessica Englefield 1:19:48 104th
Glenda Leonard 1:20:30 105th
Sally Lamplugh 1:22:36 106th
Frances Moore 1:26:18 107th

10km - Walkers

Kaye Bellamy 1:24:42 1st
Louisa Sullivan 1:27:25 2nd
Shirley O'Brien 1:28:50 3rd
Vicki Green 1:29:33 4th
Selena Tonks 1:29:33 5th
Cait Montford 1:32:01 6th
Isaac Craig 1:32:05 7th
Olusola Olowoyeye 1:32:59 8th
Fiona Bellinger 1:33:26 9th
Maha Elmadani 1:34:55 10th
Philip Craig 1:35:45 11th
Lesley Edwards 1:35:46 12th
Bronwyn Gilchrist 1:37:46 13th
Azizah Ashiru 1:38:40 14th
Ellie Nordstrom 1:39:40 15th
Clare Kelly 1:39:41 16th
Chris Nordstrom 1:40:32 17th
Adeola Salami 1:43:00 18th
Morag Craig 1:45:34 19th
Sarah Hartley 1:49:01 20th
Lauren Edgington 1:49:02 21st
Maha Galal 1:50:53 22nd
Siham Al Salfiti 1:50:54 23rd
Hollie Morrison 1:52:56 24th
Heidi Jones 1:52:56 25th
Mohammad Siddiqui DNF


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