Salary rises approved for councillors

The final results for the Selwyn District Council elections have been released.
The Selwyn District Council have voted unanimously to give themselves a pay rise.
New base salaries for Selwyn District councillors and the deputy mayor were voted through unanimously at a meeting last week.

The base salary for councillors is now $42,789, which is an increase of $3700 from last year when it was $39,089.

The district council also approved a $51,342 salary for Deputy Mayor Malcolm Lyall.

That is an increase of $6770 from his salary of $44,572 last year.

When the report was presented at the meeting, there was no discussion and a vote was quickly conducted to which no councillors opposed.

The Remuneration Authority has allocated $479,232 for the total remuneration of the district council.

All of the money in the pool must be spent and additional pay can be allocated to extra responsibilities, such as the deputy mayor or chairs and deputy chairs of committees.

Mayor Sam Broughton’s salary is excluded from the pool and is paid separately by the Remuneration Authority.

Mr Broughton said the increase in salary is due to the increase in population.