Selwyn Sounds: Pop-rock melodies from Parsons

Jed Parsons
Jed Parsons
Jed Parsons will be bringing his pop-rock melodies to Selwyn Sounds in March.

The former Lincoln High School student will be performing songs from his album Midnight Feast, which was nominated for an award at the Taite Music Prize ceremony earlier this year.

Parsons said he and his band members, Moses Robbins and Matt Andrews, will play a diverse, energetic set for the festival crowd at Lincoln Domain on March 7.

“You’ll expect anything from sort of very mellow, acoustic folk songs right through to pretty ridiculous and silly indie rock songs,’’ he said.

“I think we’ll definitely look to kick the day off with a bang because we’re one of the first acts to play on the day.

"We’ll be hopefully playing exactly what every single person in the crowd wants to hear.”

Parsons said he is looking forward to performing in the area where he grew up and in front of some familiar faces.

“Maybe they [the crowd] might find it quite entertaining to see how I’ve developed since being an annoying little child hogging the limelight in school productions.”