Bid to restore neglected New Brighton garden

Community gardeners in New Brighton have been given the challenge of restoring an eight-year-old sensory garden.

The space was originally designed by Smile Dial NZ to enable children and people with disabilities to be able to feel, smell, see, taste and hear the garden.

New Brighton Community Gardening manager Catherine O'Neill said over the years the facility has become a little neglected.

"Over time it's got a little bit overgrown so we're giving it a bit of love to get it back into shape."

The sensory garden is located on a plot of land at the back of the New Brighton Community Garden.

The team is hoping to connect the two gardens to be able to better showcase the work of staff and volunteers, like newly-appointed assistant Vic Nebbeling.

Newly appointed Sensory Garden Assistant Vic Nebbeling. Photo: Supplied
Newly appointed Sensory Garden Assistant Vic Nebbeling. Photo: Supplied
Funding and administration manager Lin Klenner said visitors might start getting to know Vic. 

"Then maybe if they're not too shy, they might feel like coming into the community garden as well."

The restoration process has started slowly, with the gardeners cutting through tall bushes.

Workers from Christchurch company Naylor Love have also volunteered their time and a chainsaw to demolish some of the overgrown trees.

Klenner believes they've made a great start by clearing everything out.

- By Emily O'Hagan, made with the support of NZ On Air