Top price $62,000

Barry Gard
Barry Gard
Foveran Deer Park’s 37th annual elite sire stag sale on January 11 attracted ‘‘a good gallery of buyers’’, stud manager Barry Gard said.

The 2646ha farm near Kurow featured in Central Rural Life story on December 4 as it was preparing for the sale, providing an insight into the operation.

Of the 49 stags on offer, only four were passed in, Mr Gard said.

Top price of $62,000 and second-best of $41,000 were both paid by South Island breeders.

Some of the stags would be heading to the North Island.

Many were still at Foveran awaiting transport.

New buyers as well as regulars were among the gallery, he said.

Conditions on the day were ideal — not too hot for the animals, which were constrained for as short a time as possible.

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