Subscriber benefits

Experience the unmatched satisfaction of staying informed with trusted news. Whether you prefer the traditional ritual of grabbing your paper from the mailbox each morning or the convenience of browsing our online edition, ODT ensures that you’re covered.  

Subscribing to the ODT comes with numerous advantages, namely huge savings and free delivery*. Read more of our subscriber benefits below.  

  • Stay connected to the South  

Staying connected with your region with the ODT. As a locally owned newspaper, we are continuing to report on the stories which really matter to the South, and as a community we can help make a real difference by bringing issues to light. 

  • Never miss an issue  

As a subscriber you will never miss out on your morning ODT newspaper – even when you are on holiday. 

  • Support local journalism  

Journalists at the ODT have been sharing community news since 1861, let’s continue it.  

  • Pick a payment method to suit you  

Decide how you want to pay. Credit cards, direct debit, prepay, or email invoice are all options. Pricing differs depending on the payment method you choose. Find out more on our ODT Subscriptions page or contact our circulation team by emailing or call 03 479 3555. 

  • Access to subscriber only giveaways and benefits  

As a subscriber you will be eligible for exclusive subscriber discounts and exclusive subscriber giveaways. Keep an eye out for these deals in the ODT or on our webpages.

  • Local team to answer your calls  

We have a dedicated team based locally who can answer all your circulation, subscription and delivery questions. Call the team on 0800 805 489 between 7am and 5pm, Monday to Friday and 7am to 10am on Saturday. Alternatively, you can choose to manage your subscription by emailing 



ODT DIGITAL Subscriber Benefits 

ODT Home Delivery Subscriber Benefits  

  • Access trusted news 24/7

Keep up to date with what’s happening around your region at any time. Access subscriber only content on from all of your digital devices. 

  • News at your fingertips, whenever, wherever 

An ODT Digital Access subscription means that you can read the news via the or ODT+ app while you’re out and about. If you’re heading away with poor internet coverage, use the ODT+ app to download the paper replica while you have an internet connection and read it off-line later in the day.  

  • Access all our publications 

The ODT+ app provides all ODT Digital subscribers access to e-editions of the following Allied Press titles: The Otago Daily Times, Ashburton Courier, Clutha Leader, Gore Ensign, Mountain Scene, North Canterbury News, Oamaru Mail, Southland Express, The Star (Dunedin), Central Otago News, Timaru Courier, Central Rural Life, Southern Rural Life. 

  • Replica of your daily paper 

You receive access to an electronic copy of our daily paper; this means that you can flick through the pages as you would otherwise.  

  • Access huge savings – up to 55% off retail  

As a subscriber you save over 50% on the cost of the Otago Daily Times compared to if you were purchasing casually. 

  • Get delivery right to your home  

Complimentary delivery six days a week, Monday to Saturday. 

  • Free re-direction 

If you are holidaying in an area covered by our delivery team, as a subscriber, you can have your newspaper redirected** to another address (within our home delivery areas) at no additional cost. If you are going further afield, even internationally, you can still maintain access to ODT digital content (digital replica of the paper, subscriber only content, and ODT+ app content) 

  • Free access to the ODT Digital content  

The e-edition is an exact digital replica of the print edition which you can access anywhere in the world via a smart phone, tablet, laptop or desk top computer. Home Delivery subscribers get access to all the benefits of ODT Digital subscribers including access to subscriber only content of and to the e-edition for no additional cost. You just need to register for



To speak to our circulation team call 0800 805 489 or check out our frequently asked questions.

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*delivery charges apply for rural post deliveries.